Portable Selfie Light For Cell Phone

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With our portable Selfie Light you will NEVER get caught off guard for a selfie. 🤳

Just take it out your purse 👜, clip it on your cell phone 📱, and it's ready to use! 👍

Why is this a MUST HAVE for you?

  • Amazing photos on the go: Don't you hate when you have everything set up for the perfect selfie but there is not enough light? It will never happen again!


  • Forget about batteries: With the integrated battery and USB charger, this light will be by your side forever.


  • Works with all your devices: Always have the perfect lighting for your videocalls, no matter if you are on your cell phone, tablet or laptop.


Package includes:

  •  3.2” Clip-On Selfie Light
    • 3 levels of brightness
    • 36 LED lights (5600K color temperature)
  • USB charging cable
  • Instructions manual